When you know, you know. You know?

I've had some pretty big life changes recently.

When you know, you know. You know?

A lot has happened in the last few months. The short version of it is – I got a job, and have now left that job.

I adore the people I worked with at Pocket-lint. The crew there is fantastic. It's not their fault. It's mine. Let me explain.

Remember when I went to Fiji last October? On the last day there, I had about 14 hours of time to sit on the beach, killing time until my flight home.

Being left with my thoughts for that long at one of the most beautiful places on the planet, of course, lead to a lot of reflection about life, my career, my family, and the future.

I reflected on all of the traveling I'd done over the last decade-plus and how fortunate I was that my job had taken me all over the world. How fortunate I am to have a wife and kids who supported my career. I know it wasn't easy. I was glad I was able to tell stories to my wife and kids about things I'd done or seen.

That's when it hit me -- I had stories to tell my family. Everything I've done for work has been, more or less, alone.

Don't get me wrong, I've met and hung with some incredible people over the years. But, again, when I come home, all I have are stories.

And so, on that beach, I decided it was time to transition from having stories to tell my family, to creating memories with my family.

Over the next few months, I started seriously looking for a full time job, hoping that it would provide stability and flexibility for my family and I. That's how I ended up at Pocket-lint.

Then, in March, I was unexpectedly approached about a job opportunity outside of tech journalism. Over the following weeks, many conversations, and after attending the International Pizza Expo (more about this in a minute), it became clear to me that the best thing for my family was for me to accept the job, and transition to a different industry.

And so, I left Pocket-lint, and tech journalism as a whole, the last week of April.

It wasn't an easy decision, but it's the right one for my family and I. I've never been more certain about where I'm at in life, and where I want to be a year from now.

What's next?

For now, I'm taking some time to reset. I'll officially start my new job June 1. For those who are curious – it's not a tech company or doing PR – it's at a small family owned business.

In addition to the new gig, my wife and I have decided to open a pizza food truck. It's something we'd been talking about for over a year now, with the Pizza Expo being a make or break moment for the vision. Either we were going to fully commit to starting the truck, or be happy with making really good pizza at home.

And thus, Sips & Pies was born. We plan on opening next spring, or possibly doing a pop up or three later this year.

I'm not entirely done with writing, as yesterday's completely random post/newsletter proves. I thoroughly enjoyed writing up my thoughts on the new iPad Pro (and iPad Air), and I currently have a couple of assignments to review pizza ovens for CNN Underscored over the coming months.

As you can probably guess, my new job offers a lot of flexibility, so there's potential for me to dig deeper into my personal blog/newsletter, or even freelance here and there.

Heck, I'm even open to working directly with brands for early reviews prior to product release or in other capacities.

As has been the case since day one with this newsletter, I don't entirely know what the cadence or stories look like here, but I hope you'll come on this new journey with me.