Google’s Pixel 8 Pro is my favorite Android phone… ever? My review is live

Techtober is almost over

Google’s Pixel 8 Pro is my favorite Android phone… ever? My review is live

What a week. I spent the majority of it finalizing testing and writing my reviews of Google’s Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and the Pixel Watch 2. Two of which are live now, with the last one to follow next week.

Amazon’s Prime Day came and went, and I didn’t buy a single thing. That’s usually the case, though. Too many deals to sort through that I get overwhelmed and just ignore Prime Day altogether, outside of any assignments for work (of which I had a couple this week).

I’m not going to opine about anything this week, instead I’m just going to get straight to all of the work I had published around the web this week. Let’s get right to it.

Stories I had published this week


How to:




While I know the deals are no longer valid, in the spirit of thoroughness, here are a couple of deals posts I wrote for The Street for Amazon’s latest Prime Day sale extravaganza:

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