Apple’s big iPhone event and what’s around the corner

Consider this newsletter a work in progress for as long as it exists. I sure picked a great week for the first installment: Apple announced new iPhones!

Apple’s big iPhone event and what’s around the corner
I wasn’t at the Apple Event, but my good friend Jake Krol was and he was kind enough to let me use this photo of the pink iPhone 15.

What a week. Apple held its annual iPhone event on Tuesday, Sept. 12, debuting four iPhone 15 models, a new Apple Watch Series 9 and an Apple Watch Ultra 2. All of it launches Sept. 22. (Preorders are open now!)

The biggest news? Apple’s proprietary Lightning port has been replaced by USB-C (thanks to a law in the EU that goes into place next year). Yes, that means you’ll need to get new accessories and extra charging cables. Or if you really want to keep using your Lightning accessories, you can buy this dongle for $30.

Most of my work this week, of course, is centered around Apple’s announcements, along with a review of the DJI Air 3. There’s a bunch more Apple content coming next week, but this should hold you over until then.

Published this week:

What’s next?

  • Next week is going to be just as busy – it’s that time of year – with Apple releasing iOS 17, iPadOS 17, WatchOS 10, TVOS 17 and HomePodOS 17 (or whatever they’re calling it now) on Monday, Sept. 18.
  • MacOS Sonoma will be released the following week on Tuesday, Sept. 26.
  • Amazon and Microsoft are holding their fall events on Sept. 20 and 21, respectively. Expect a lot of news and new gadgets from both.
  • Meta and Google also have events coming up. More on those later.

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