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Hey! I’m Jason Cipriani. I’ve been a freelance technology journalist for nearly 15 years now for a wide range of publications. I have bylines at places like CNET, Fortune, Time, Wired, ZDNet, CNN Underscored, Tom’s Guide, Pocklet-lint, Bloomberg, PCWorld, IGN, Tech Radar… you get the point.

I’ve grown tired of social media and the constant dance of sharing my work, engaging with followers or friends — and doing it across multiple social networks. So, instead of posting stories across the internet, I decided to start this newsletter to send out a weekly update that includes my recent work, stuff I enjoyed reading, and maybe even an original story or review here and there.

I don’t have plans for ever charging a subscription or offering a paid tier, but I do plan on using affiliate links once in awhile. Or maybe not. I don’t entirely know yet.

If all of that sounds like something you’re interested in taking up some space in your inbox and a few minutes out of your week, then please subscribe.

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Hi, I’m Jason Cipriani, a freelance tech journalist with 15 years experience. I plan on using this newsletter to share weekly updates on what I’ve worked on over the last week, interesting stuff, and I might even sprinkle in a few original stories.


Jason Cipriani

Freelance journalist covering all things tech for a wide range of pubs.